Yoga & Movement Plans

Personally designed exercise and movement plans to help target specific areas, organs, and health desires.

At home private sessions allow the focus to be entirely on your development.


Private yoga lessons.

On Demand at-home yoga & exercise videos.

Personal training.

Yoga and/or exercise is a quintessential part of wellness, as it integrates your outer body with the internal rhythms and breath.

I offer many diverse types of yoga, including:

  • Sweat & Sculpt, fast-paced yoga for weight loss.
  • Vinyasa Flow, well-rounded yoga for stress-relief, flexibility, sore-muscle relief, and muscle building.
  • Restorative yin, gentle yoga for emotional healing, energy restoration, stretching, and injury treatment.
  • Beginners yoga, to understand the fundamentals of yoga and drop into breath/body movements.

I offer complete exercise plans, including:

  • Full body HIT, high intensity training for weight loss and muscle toning.
  • Arms & Upper Body, sculpting and building muscle in the upper body.
  • Core, weight loss and strong core toning.
  • Legs & Glutes, sculpting and building muscle in the lower body.
  • Full body Cardio, continuous movements for weight loss and muscle toning.

60 minute Session: $60

90 minute Session: $75


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