Adventuring into Costa Rica

The traveling life is the life for me.


It was just over 15 months ago when I decided to leave my sweet, slow lifestyle in B.C. Canada, behind. I craved momentum. Yearned for change. I decided to embark on a journey into Central America. A place painted with rich culture, historical sites, and great food.

I planned to go for 3 months…

Yet here I am, with no plan to return home anytime soon.

So the journey continues.

I am now currently in Costa Rica; where the sand is white and the jungle is thick.

One of the newest land developments on Earth, aging just over 3 million years old.

The energy here is young, full of enjoyment, and truly sticks to its slogan “Pura Vida,” literally translating to “ Life is Pure.”

San Jose is the capital city, enclosed by 3 volcanoes; Volcan Poás, Volcan Barva, and Volcan Irazu. The three of which stand tall around the valley, sometimes even blowing off some smoke. They create great hiking trails, through the thick jungle, past beautiful waterfalls, finally reaching volcanic lake craters with amazing views.

Volcan Poás is one of my favourites. It is one of the world’s largest active volcanoes; with 2 crater lakes. The northern lake known as Laguna Caliente, or “Hot Lagoon”, is one of the world’s most acidic lakes. And the views of it from the hiking trail are amazing.

I don’t prefer to stay in cities long. Although the lights and activities are tempting, I am always pulled to the countryside – in this case, the beach! Costa Rica has some great beaches, with most of the country a coastline; either to the Pacific Ocean, or the Caribbean Sea.

I recommend visiting both, because each coast boasts of its own unique flavour.

During my travels I discovered a unique little place, on the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. The people here are so friendly, and the food absolutely delicious. People spend their time surfing or practicing yoga, and watching the sunsets at the beach are the best.

So I found myself a safe sanctuary, and decided that I will stay for awhile.

Waiting to see what is unfolding next, and enjoying the scenery around me.

Life sure takes you places!

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