tikal guatemala
Exploring the ancient ruins in Tikal Guatemala

Travelling this beautiful world.

Following the path of Yoga.

Freelance writer & blogger.

Reiki master & energy healer.

Massage therapist.

Lover of gourmet plant-based food.


History lover.

Yoga teacher.

Expanding my awareness of life.


My goal is to visit as much of this beautiful planet that I can!

Although, for me, traveling means learning, exploring, discovering, and widening perspectives.

So this is what I intend to do! And write about it along the way.

How much can someone know after only 25 years on this Earth?

The answer is not too much.

Although, allowing every day to be an opportunity to learn is the best idea.

That’s just what I do.

Travel the world, visit many different people and places.

Allowing the moment to be the best teacher and new experiences to open my eyes and change my perspectives.

This is what is unfolding.

And learning as I go is the best medicine.