Meet Amber

Amber Jade

Amber is a wellness enthusiast; whose desire to help people meets her passion for whole foods and herbal medicine.



Through her studies of Yoga & wellness, Amber became passionate about making natural wellness more accessible to everyone.
Amber swiftly began learning and practicing Ayurveda, a sister-science to Yoga. This is an ancient Indian natural science, using qualitative diagnosis, herbal remedies, and practical applications to heal and understand the subtle energies of the body.

Continuous self-practice quickly showed that true wellness must involve the entire experience; body, mind, and spirit, as well as physical movement, diet, mental health, emotional wellbeing, environment affects, relational events, and sleep patterns.

Amber began to create a diverse, well-rounded wellness plan that truly incorporated every aspect of her life. With the proper structure in place, wellness became an attainable and manageable part of daily living. With meal plans and shopping lists planned, food preparation was swift and full of ease.

As she deepened her studies of herbalism, nutrition and holistic healing, she began to understand her body and the multifaceted ways it functions. Honouring her natural rhythms and diving deeper into women’s health.

Amber participated in a 2 year internship in Costa Rica at a yoga retreat centre in the jungle. She studied living yoga, massage therapy, and gourmet vegetarian cooking. Working and living deep in the jungle was a truly immaculate experience. She learned deeply the daily practice of yoga being heavily immersed for 2 years.

Amber has had a passion for food since she was a girl. Gardening often with her father and grandmother; she learned the art of farm-to-table cooking and baking at a young age.

From seed, to sprout, to bloom, thoroughly enjoying the process of sustainably growing and cultivating fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs, grains, and more. Carefully harvesting at the right time. Then creating delicious home-cooked meals for those you love.

Her love for the environment has challenged her to discover local, organic farmers who practice permaculture and sustainability. She also ensures her purchases offer proper living wages for everyone involved.

Amber’s mission is to strengthen community, build a healthier society, and continue spreading love and kindness to all beings, creatures, and the environment. To make wellness more accessible, understandable, and unique – as we each are incredibly so!

Amber is striving to continue her studies to better serve her community and the world.


Credentials & Trainings


Certified Yoga Instructor

200hr RYT Lakshmi Rising School of Yoga and Wellness, CR

Certified Massage Therapist



Certified Reiki Master

The Canadian Reiki Association


Certified Cupping Specialist


Certificate in MyoFascial Release

Natural Healers


Certified Integrative Health Coach

Mount Royal University, CA


Certified Life Coach

Rhodes Wellness College


Member of the Canadian Health Coach Alliance